BR#1: Espiga Pale Ale

Espiga Pale Ale – ABV 5.0%


Espiga Pale Ale – a sassy little hola from a lovely Spanish number that will fill a little summer in your glass.

This week, we take a look at the Espiga Pale Ale – a Hispanic new breed of ale that is brewed with a combination of science and passion.

These highly drinkable craft beers are brewed in Barcelona, Spain in a brewery founded by two biologists.  Their emphasis is on natural techniques and good taste. Espiga means the ear of the crop and forms a neat attractive bottle that will catch your eye on the shelf.

Enough of science – how does it taste?!

Well the crew at Espiga say:

“A very quaffable amber ale, full of flavour and one you’ll always want to drink again.
A brilliant amber colour with a white head. Its nose is clean and aromatic. It has striking notes of cinnamon, caramel, orange peel, a floral touch and toffee undertones. On the palate it is a full-flavoured, moreish beer, with notes of caramel, vanilla and citrus fruits. A masterful balance between malt and hop. Smooth carbonation and a pleasant finish.

Pairing: Creamy cheeses / red meats / free-range chicken / duck breast a l’orange / cold meats .  Well, we have to agree the first taste does knock you back – in a good way – very crisp and refreshing with a superb honey and citrus warmth that lingers and you still get a nice warmth from a five percent-er.”

So has the Science paid off? Well, we rate it on our score card below









Well, we think this one is a crack so make sure to put it on your shopping list.  You can catch these brewingscientists here

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